Massage Therapists:  

how to

make more 


Without burning out 

How Will You Benefit?

see fewer clients

Most massage therapists  think they need to see more clients to make more money. More clients = burnout.

mAKE More Money

There is a secret formula that allows you to see fewer clients – and actually make more money!  

Life of Your dreams

Have the practice you desire so that you can step up and step into your purpose. 

What It’s All About

My mission is to eliminate unnecessary struggle, pain and suffering. I have been in practice for over 30 years and early on in my career I did massage. I studied Swedish, shiatsu, polarity and different kinds of energy healing. That allowed me to eliminate pain on the physical level. I loved doing bodywork and I was getting feedback that I was really good.

 But after a while, I became frustrated with the limitations of just working on bodies. My clients would keep showing up with the same pain and tension session after session. They would sometimes talk about their lives and sometimes became emotional during the massage. 

Sounds familiar?

 I wanted to be able to help them with their issues, and have a more profound effect on people’s lives. Something had to change.

Now, I have a practice of my dreams. I still do bodywork and I also help people with their personal and professional issues. I make close to a quarter of a million dollars.

If you are ready to step into the practice of your dreams… 

My Happy Clients

 Paula’s Practitioner Training program is amazing.  So much happens that I didn’t expect!  First, we learned a simple system that made my pain go away in minutes. It was so easy! And I could quickly apply it to others.  Then, we learned Paula’s unique approach to solving emotional upsets. I was surprised how quickly I was able to guide someone through that process to restore their calm and it also eliminated emotional triggers when dealing with my family! Between all the practical skills and understanding of the theory behind them, I feel transformed and empowered. I know that when I complete this program, I’ll be a fantastic practitioner!

– P.S. Practitioner Trainee

Paula’s system is a game changer. I recently experienced complication with hip replacement surgery left me feeling disheartened, angry and sad.  Not only was I in pain, but getting back to my active life was now on a longer hold. Instead of just feeling awful and accepting my fate, I was able to apply Paula’s system for myself regularly – and I experienced not only the fastest uplift in my emotional state but my body has been healing quickly and the rehab time will not be as long as my doctors originally thought. 

With a diagnosis like the one I had, I could have easily spiraled into serious depression. However, Paula’s system, gave me the tools to quickly turn these negative emotions around and get back to feeling better and engage fully  in life again. It’s an empowering system that will improve the quality of your emotional life in minutes! 

– M.M., Massage Therapist

What Is The Investment?

If you made the same amount of money year after year, what will it cost you to continue that way?

If you make the same amount of money year after year:

  • Your income isn’t going to increase;
  • Your lifestyle will go down;
  • You won’t be able to afford the things you want;
  • Your family will suffer;
  • And the worst thing about staying where you are is your own health: you are going to burn out.

How long can you last like that?

When you come and work with me:

  • You will be in charge of your time;
  • You will work fewer hours;
  • You will make more money;
  • You will be able to provide for your family the way you always wanted;
  • You will have the lifestyle you want;
  • You will have time and energy to contribute to your community;
  • You will feel at ease, happy, relaxed and optimistic;
  • You will be successful.

So let’s set up a few minutes to chat so we can see how this is going to look for you.

How Does It Work?

First I need to talk to you a little bit so I know how I can help you best.   We will schedule a free call where I will ask you a series of questions that will help me really hone on whether my program is the right fit for you,  We will create a plan for the coming year. 

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